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Top Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to download a list of approved vendors for 900 Biscayne Bay
Please contact the Management Office as far in advance as possible to schedule a move, delivery or contractor visit. Reservations of the loading dock and service elevators are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

• Provide the company name, date and time of the elevator use and if for a delivery, a description of the item(s).
• The loading dock clearance height is 13ft, and the service elevator cab dimensions are height – 99 inches, width – 82 inches, and depth 66 inches. The elevator door opening is height – 84 inches and width – 42 inches.
• Contractors can drop off equipment and supplies at the loading dock, but contractor vehicle parking is not available onsite.
• Loading dock and service elevator hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm (excluding holidays and weather emergencies). Deliveries and moves are not accepted outside of these times. If the delivery or mover is running late, you will be rescheduled for the next available date and time.
To register your vehicle and enable access to the 900 Biscayne garage, you must bring your vehicle registration and current insurance card to either the management office or concierge. The resident’s name must be listed on the vehicle registration and insurance document. All registered vehicles will be issued an RFID tag which we will place on the vehicle to enable garage access. There is a fee of $25, which is our actual cost for the tag. Only one vehicle can be assigned to a unit’s assigned parking space. Residents may not alternate garage access between vehicles. There are unfortunately no additional parking spaces available for rent or sale. Any additional vehicles must also be registered with Management and can valet for the current monthly cost.

Rental Car Procedure: Residents that normally park their vehicle with valet must provide the rental documents to the valet cashier for registration of the rental vehicle. Residents that normally self-park can park their vehicle with valet at a rate of $5.00 a day, after providing their rental documents to the cashier. There is also an option to continue self-parking, which requires residents to register their rental vehicle with the management office and purchase a $25 RFID. If Management is not open at time of arrival, the resident must register with the concierge or with management on the next business day. Please remember the rental agreement must list the resident’s name.
A completed Architectural Review Committee (ARC) package must be submitted for review. The ARC will review and will present their recommendations to the Board of Directors (BOD). The ARC and BOD meet once a month and have a 30 day review period after a completed package has been submitted. Simple projects are typically approved relatively quickly. We are happy to work with you, the ARC and BOD to have your completed application reviewed and addressed in a timely manner.

Click HERE for an ARC application.(please include a description of work on page 1 next to other) A copy of the contractors business license and insurance must also be provided. (required by GC and all subcontractors)

Click HERE for a certificate of insurance sample noting the following requirements:
-general liability: must have additionally insured (marked with an x or y)
-workers comp coverage is required (workers comp exemption is not accepted)
-certificate holder must reflect sample
Packages must be addressed to the expected resident. The maximum dimension of a package should be 36” x 36” x 36” and the weight should not exceed 30 pounds. Both first name and last name must match the name of the registered resident. Packages not addressed to registered residents will be returned to sender. Packages can only be picked up by the resident or a pre-approved designee. An email will be sent informing you when a package has been processed into our system and is available for you to pick up. We have limited storage space and encourage you to pick up your packages as soon as possible. Packages can be picked up at the lower lobby desk. It is recommended you call 10-15 minutes in advance so that staff can have your package available for you at the desk when you arrive. If there is a problem or any issue with an oversize or overweight package, please contact the management office. We are here to help.